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פסטיבל 360 מעלות יתקיים בין התאריכים 13-15.8.19.
הפסטיבל הנו חלק מיוזמה לקידום תחום תיאטרון תלוי-אתר (Site specific) בירושלים. בפסטיבל הצגות בכניסה חופשית והצגות בתשלום.


13/8 - Tuesday - Liberty Bell Park

Tzeadim Ensemble – The Gypsies from the Old City


After its worldwide success the Festival will host the Gypsy Ensemble from East Jerusalem and their gypsy music. The public is invited to a musical instrument workshop using home utensils led by the ensemble musicians. Omar Jarbar, Alpert Music Center.

Free of charge

The Mamas of the Biggest Baby in the World


The sweetest and biggest baby in the world is curious about everything and drives everyone crazy. 

The Dancing Ram Theatre

Free of charge

Building Dragons


Dragon-building workshop for the entire family with the puppeteer Shelly Friedland

Free of charge

The Banana Circus


A performance that will have you climbing trees! An exhilarating and funny circus-like performance for all ages.

Creator: Amnon Beeri

Free of charge

Paper Games


Paper-made figures that try to combine games and laughter in carrying out everyday tasks. A fascinating performance without words.

Creator: Michal Carmon.
Director: Lior Sagi.

Free of charge

Yogev Shitrit Trio and the Gypsy Ensemble


The unique international project “New Path” that combines traditional Moroccan music with jazz, in a special first-time performance for the 360 Festival!

Free of charge

Field Figures


Live sculptures that present a range of characters, among them women who froze in time in a beauty parlor in the 1950s and come to life in 2019, produced by Nurit Katzir.

Black and White- a pantomime artist from the Road Safety Department

Free of charge

Music coffee and tea at the campfire square near the Modi’in Scouts club.


Free of charge

The Valley that Froze in Time


Today’s children do not have chores such as going out to bring ice and kerosene. “Kariola” connects past and present with objects and games from the past. Based on the childhood of Rami Ben-Gur.

Free of charge

De La Shmate Project: Sparkle


Site-specific puppet and object theater. A city intersection at night. Someone peeps into a real estate agency. Rustling is heard from the trash… and everything is photographed. 

Creators: Igor and Anna.

Free of charge

Almaz’s Light


Almaz’s memories from the harrowing journey from Ethiopia to Sudan accompany her daughter in her struggle against racism at the neighborhood community center.
Creator: Hava Tizazu.

Free of charge

Revenge of the Rooster


Do we control our fate? Or are we mice in a maze which only those up above can rescue? A free adaptation of a Greek tragedy. Funny, dark and suspenseful. The Rooster Ensemble.

Free of charge


Beginning from the End


A timeless story in the ancient fortress about bereavement and loss of a partner in combat duty. A personal story about friendship, loss and choice. Creators Tziona Netanel and Ortal Zecharia.



A performance inspired by Sartre. They don’t know each other, have never met. Where are they? What are they waiting for? Time stopped.
Creator: Sonia Sudri, Psifaso Theater.

Safe Harbor


A rickety boat that stands in the David Tower Fortress, places the world refugee crisis on the stage. Creator: Maya Buenos in cooperation with the Raanana Symphonette.